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Brightwood is just over 30 miles east of Portland OR, at the base of Mount Hood. It is part of the greater community of Villages at Mount Hood, between Wemme and Sandy off Route 26. There was a post office in the area as early as 1891, although the name Brightwood was not affiliated with the area until 1910; it is said to refer to the effects of the sun shining on the native cottonwood trees in the spring.

Use Brightwood as a base for a weekend getaway from the Portland area, while you explore the impressive Mount Hood and its surrounding National Forest. Mount Hood is a "potentially active" but currently dormant volcano that rises 11,249 feet from sea level. It is home to 12 glaciers, the most visited of which is Palmer Glacier, which encompasses part of the Timberline Lodge ski area and is on the most popular climbing route. Mount Hood draws thousands of climbers each year, while many more people make use of the less elevated parts of the mountain. There are miles of trails, including the 40.7 mile-long Timberline Trail that circumnavigates the entire mountain. The Mount Hood National Forest extends more than 60 miles from the mountain to the Columbia River Gorge; it provides ample opportunities for all sorts of outdoor recreation, from boating and fishing to skiing and berry picking. Consider staying comfortably in an Oregon bed and breakfast while you explore the wild beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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Brightwood, Oregon
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